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    NOW available on Kickstarter!

    New Care Package Service...

    Great news! Our Kickstarter campaign for our new 'SendAFriendLove' gift box is now live. Click on the link above for more info.

    It was inspired by horrible lockdowns caused by Covid, being separated from loved ones and the need to spread the love and stay positive.

    You'll be able to send a friend a beautiful care package to remind them they're loved and cared for.

    It's any easy way to stay connected to people you care about.

    Simply choose a furry friend and we'll snuggle it into one of our bright yellow boxes that bear happy messages such as 'you are loved' and 'let your light shine'. Our soft toys are suitable for young (3 yrs and over) and old and great for any occasion.

    Subscribe to our newsletter to access our kids club and fun activities. 

    Follow us on instagram @sendafriendlove and please help us spread the love by sharing with your friends. You can check out some of our TikTok @caretribe videos that will bring some fun to your day and you can meet our new furry friends. 

    Oh, also, we're a business with passion and purpose and believe it's important to give back to the community and children in need. We therefore pledge to give 10% of sales to childrens hospitals.

    Stay tuned, stay safe and be kind to each other. x